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Tuesday, June 18, 2024  

RV Park Reservation & Management Software

Version 3.5.52 This is a Windows ONLY Application.


Version 3.5.52 is now available. Existing Customers can download the new version and Instructions HERE.

The tool was developed because a Customer in Texas bought one of the more expensive applications that was too confusing to use. They wanted a simple tool to manage their Guests in an RV Park. However, it could be used for Motels, apartments, or virtually any rental properties.

Application Features:

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 3, 6, and 12 month billing cycles
  • Interim Billing capability, for Monthly Electricity or whatever charges you need to Bill in between the term Billing cycle
  • Handle as many units or sites as you choose to enter
  • It offers 5 types of sites or units that you define
  • Handles Electrical Meter charges
  • Allows you to define an unlimited number of "other" charges
  • Each Guest can have up to 5 of those "other" charges against any one Bill
  • Each of the "Other" charges can also have a quantity against them.
  • Up to 3 Taxes can be charged and tracked against each billable item
  • Each Bill transaction is captured in a ledger form for report generation
  • Revenue or Guest reports can be run by dates
  • The Reports have been enhanced to provide a Selection of areas to be included in the Outstanding Balance Report. The User can determine if they just want the Outstanding Balance (Unpaid Balance); Rents due, separated by Rate Type (Day/Week/Month/Quarterly/Bi-Yearly/ and Yearly); Electric Due; and Other Items Due or any combination of those.
  • A new Guest listing report is also available
  • Flag former Guests as Do Not Rent
  • Determine which Sites are available for new Guests arriving
  • Take Deposits and apply them to final payments or not
  • Take partial payments and manage the outstanding balance
  • Alter or Delete Billing records when necessary
  • Complete Help files documenting the software
  • Handy Grid view of the Park to know which sites are already rented.
  • Help is now compatible with VISTA and Windows 7
  • Add alpha characters to site numbers to help designate site types ... Example: 12P for Pullthru or 8S for Shade or 15PS for Pullthru with Shade
  • Provide the ability to Email a Reservation Confirmation
  • Revamp panels for older monitors

There are a lot of features for a few dollars. The price
for the program is $425.00, which includes any upgrades for 12 months. Note: We are still giving existing Customers updates after 10+ years.

Click for a FREE trial use for 30 days.

NOTICE: If you already have RV Park do NOT Download the complete application setup. Click this and get the Update.

Collection Management Software

Version 2.1.0 This is a Windows ONLY Application.

The tool was developed to organize a Collection of DVDs. We had a heck of a time finding one we wanted to watch and even worse time knowing what DVDs we actually had. So I developed the tool to help me organize them with a filing system based on Large (like you buy at the store) and Small (like you might put home movies in). The tool prints a List of all of the DVDs by number. I find the one, Alphabetical or by Category, we want to watch and I go to the box with that number in it. It has made Collecting a lot easier,

The tool would also do well with Music CDs, Books, or just about anything that needs to be organized. Try it out for 30 days free.

Application Features:

  • Handle as many Items as you choose to enter
  • It offers 15 Categories that you define
  • There are 2 Types (Large & Small)
  • You can have as many Collections as you want to Define
  • Each Collection can be Tailored so the Nomenclature you want is used for the standard fields
  • Allows you to format Output to have the Title first or Categories first
  • You can also have the Author and Description line on the Output ... or not
  • Print to any printer or create a PDF file with PrimoPDF
  • You can Output to a MS Word Document (requires MS Word) with every other Item highlighted for ease of reading

There are a lot of features for a few dollars. The price for the program is only $10.00, which includes any upgrades for 12 months.

Click for a New Installation FREE trial use for 30 days.

Salida Family Dentistry is a terrific Dentistry located in Colorado. The site has extensive management tools to alter almost anything on the site pages. There is a template and CSS controlling the Visitor pages, with javascript and a MS Access database behind the scenes.


iAppSys is an Oracle Reseller and IT Consultant company. The site is totally controlled by the Customer, including colors, images, and even the menu to add, delete, or change pages and their content. The site uses 2 templates for it's pages ( a Home and Other page) and has extensive Owner pages to manage the site.


Artful Moving & Storage is a multiple page site with no special behind the scenes control. The Company provides first class moving and storage services in Salida CO.


This is a one page site with a lot of customization. The Owner can change virtually any of the text and graphics, except the Header. There is an easy Site Management page where the Owner can make changes using numerous Fonts and Upload images to be used in the 4 categories. There are Headers & Captions available for each category, plus 2 Announcement areas: at the top and middle of the page. On the Left side of the page there is also a Top & Bottom area, that can be changed. The Site Management is done with one page and has a Help page to make the changes easier.


We built a web site for the Acres Of Ireland Homeowner's Association to provide the homeowners with information about the community.  The site provides a database of all of the lots and owners in the community based off of the county tax rolls.  It also has an Information For Residents area that lists local businesses in the Howard Colorado area that may be of interest.  


We have also developed and launched an Internet Mall that is specifically built for the Colorado Arkansas River Valley Businesses.  The Mall will cover all businesses from Leadville to Pueblo when complete, offering a very reasonably priced way to advertise a business with unlimited advertisement changes over the year subscription for up to $25.00 per year.  The Business Ad offers a 100 character title, 500 character description, 250 character keyword field and Email address in the advertisement.  A business can provide a graphic logo that will be to the left of the Ad and offer a link to the business's web site.  The Business can also provide a graphic for a Banner Advertisement at the top of the page with linking to their web site.  All for $25.00!!!!  You even get statistics on how many times a Customer views and visits your Ad from the Mall web site.

Site has been taken down after 4 years.

This site was developed to provide a Web-based IT Professional recruiting capability. The site provides the owner with a really slick Newsletter capability, that is extremely simple to use. The site recognizes handles both Companies looking for Employees and Job Seekers and is built upon several databases. There are very extensive tools for managing the site, as well as, conduct Follow-up interviews with Companies through an interactive interface for the Owner.


This site was developed for a Texas customer to offer their Customers a variety of Products on-line through database techniques. The owners can easily manage their Product offerings via a simple set of forms. The menus are multi-layers with Javascript and Active Server Page code assuring Customers complete the entries correctly.

This customer is no longer in business.

We developed a site for a Dentist in Mexico. The site provides the Dentist with a simple way to make changes to their Policies, Prices, and Examples of Patients complete with Before and After images.



This site is HTML only. I only helped the webmaster get started, with a menu structure and a graphic header. The rest of the site has been built and maintained by him ... all I have to do is host it.



Huerfano County GOP

This development is a self-managed Car Listing site. The site is database driven with up to 10 images per car through a selectable image page or a slide show presentation page. The Visitor can search for a car, or simply view the cars for sale. Each car has a counter to determine interest and an Email link to ask questions about the car. The Visitor can also sign up for Emails of new cars on the site. Behind the scenes, the site owner can easily add, change or delete cars. The cars are taken on consignment by the month, so the site automatically Emails the Client 10 days before the monthly fee is due as a reminder.

Fast440 Classic Car Sales

Here is a new addition. This is a fully integrated Shopping Cart site, with a complete site management environment. The site has over 2,000 items and uses PayPals for the payment mechanism. Customers can browse to their hearts content. The site offers sale prices and discounts can be setup through the management side of the site.


Site has been taken down after 1 year.

Bunny 'N Bear Bargains Website

This site is similar to the Professional Labor Connection site above, with a few less whistles and bells. The site incorporates a lot of Java Scripting for form validation and determining Owner Management Profit Margins on the Job Seeker wages. Under certain conditions, an Employer can post Jobs and find Candidates for those jobs.

The Owner Management Tools are quite extensive, including the ability to alter the Body Text and Instructions on almost any page through an interface into the database.

Site has been taken down after 1 year.

This is an example of more simplistic site with basic information on about six pages. The site is developed with a Dreamweaver Template and a Navigation Bar.

Visit the site at http://homevantage.net

This site is one of the most dynamic sites I have built. Almost everything is controlled by the Owner of the site. The navigation menu is even maintained by a simple interface ... add new sub-menus, change the order, and just re-generate the menu. There are over 110 site management pages!!! They also have 3 domain names pointing at the same content pages.


Another Car Company site with up to 20 images for each Car they list, an Email to Car Enthusiasts tool for those signed up, a slick picture viewer that can do a slide show or select images (with an auto pop-up, so the visitor can't loose the panel). The Site Mgt is only available to the Owners. They had over 20 cars setup in less than a day, with little assistance. All of the sites have HELP files for virtually every mgt page.


This is an example of a single page site with some high level information about the business.


We have also developed a stand-alone Windows application to maintain the Acres Of Ireland database that supports "Form Letters & Envelopes" for keeping members up to date and managing the association's financial reporting.

There are many other applications developed over time, let us know what you need and let us give you a quote for what it will take.



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